The backyard has always been a place where families gather, friends party and people relax. To increase the usage of your backyard, add a spa from Hot Spring Spas, the world’s #1 selling spa. Hot Spring Aria was recently named a Best Buy by Consumer’s Digest due to its exclusive jets, energy-efficiency, stone surrounds, music systems and other additions. The makers of Hot Spring Spas are in tune with the green initiative.

Hot Springs Spa of Washington has 2 locations in the Washington DC metro area. They both offer full service of hot tub and sauna products. Stop by the showroom nearest you to receive an inclusive consultation for your hot tub and backyard. Our experienced staff will be able to walk you through choosing the perfect hot tub for your backyard. We are your friends in the hot tub industry, because we know what you want and what you need!

A quality experience is what you will find in your backyard when you are in one of our spas. The foundations the Hot Spring Spas are built on are quality and technology. Built well, so you can fully enjoy your spa for years to come.

We understand that when you purchase a Hot Springs Spa you are expecting a level enjoyment based around fun and relaxation. That is why we keep ease of operation and lifelong endurance in the fore front of our spa designs. Whether it is in our line of saunas or our three spa lines we have the right product for you. 

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