Hot Tubs

Five Steps to Pick Out Your Spa

Step #1 – Take into consideration the main reason you are purchasing a spa. Is it to have your own personal oasis you can escape to after a long day of work, get a deeper, more relaxing sleep at night, bond with your kids in a safe, fun environment, or  experience the many health benefits?

Step #2 – Visit one of our conveniently located showrooms. One of our experienced professionals will help you find the perfect spa to fit you, your lifestyle and your budget.  Financing is available with approved credit.

Step #3 – It can be difficult to determine the optimum location for your hot tub. To find the perfect place we will send one of our knowledgeable professionals right to your door.

Step #4 – Don’t worry, you won’t need more plumbing lines or pricey construction.  Electrical hook-up costs are minimal and there’s no need for hard wiring because most Hot Spring models run on 115 volts. Hot Spring models can also run on 230 volts, if needed. Resolving which voltage you will need can be done with ease by one of our trained technicians.

Step #5 – Setting up is simple. As soon as your spa is in place, use your garden hose to fill it up, adjust the temperature to a comfortable level and enjoy!


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