Health Benefits

What health benefits should I expect from a Hot Spring Spa?

A spa is able to calm aches and pains by using heat, buoyancy and pressure to offer a therapeutic experience.

A spa can do wonders on your vascular system. By dilating your blood vessels, your blood pressure will lower and circulation will increase.

The reduction of 90% of your weight, due to buoyancy, relieves the strain put on your joints and muscles while providing you with a relaxed, weightless sensation.

Using air and warm water you will experience a massaging action from the pressure applied to your body by the jets. Endorphins, your body’s natural pain killers will begin to flow and your sore muscles will be soothed during your massage.

The benefits of a Hot Springs Spa do not end with the Hydromassage. Improve your mental and emotional well being in your own private escape. Look forward to starting your day with a reenergizing 15 minute soak in the morning and fall into a peaceful, deep sleep after a soak before bed. Your spa offers many benefits that you will want to experience on a daily basis.

Hydromassage is so beneficial to the body’s stiff joints, circulation and tight muscles. The Arthritis foundation has recognized it as a helpful medium for pain relief for arthritis patients, particularly at the beginning and end of each day.